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Education in Glycobiology

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Glycobiology Class DVDs available online


Welcome to Angie's Option, Inc.

I'm so happy you decided to visit our web site—I'm hopeful that through this site you will find the encouragement to investigate the little-known field of science, Glycobiology, why it matters for a properly functioning human immune system and, in fact, answers the question, "How is it that our immune system communicates?"

Since 2004, we have been providing exposure to this field of science through our classes which have been given all over North America and beyond educating many thousands in this most impactful field—it is so new, 9 out of 10 have never heard of it. And that is true for our healthcare professionals and those in the nutritional realm as well! Unless you are in the science world you are most likely in the dark when it comes to Glycobiology. We incorporated Angie’s Option, Inc. in 2006 with the mission to get this education into the hands of the public. We do that by teaching classes for healthcare professionals as a springboard to CME (Continuing Medical Education) through Longevity Ed™ and by teaching classes geared for the public in general.

We have been teaching full-time, traveling based on word of mouth and the demand for the classes has been tremendous (see our live class schedule). It has been most rewarding for us, as we have been blessed to see what a difference this education has made in countless lives, not the least of which has been my own. (Read my story under the “Angie” tab.)


What Can You Do?

We encourage you to purchase and share the class online under the "Classes" tab. There you can order the 2010 updated version of our Introduction to the Science of Glycobiology class on DVD in English and Spanish. The class “synopsis” DVD geared toward the public in general is available at

Our hope is that through this exposure to the education you will be empowered to know there is another option which complements an integrative approach to healthcare in our traditional medical system. This may make all the difference in how your immune system functions! Please feel free to contact me (or get back with the person who directed you to this site) as I would be most happy to help you if you are interested in more information after you view the class.

Blessings - Angie